Project ManagerSoldier Sensors and Lasers (PM SSL)

PM SSL provides Soldiers with improved lethality, mobility, and survivability in all weather and visibility conditions. Soldier-borne sensors and lasers enhance the Soldier's ability to see in all battlefield and lighting conditions, to acquire objects of military significance before the Soldier is detected, and to target threat objects accurately for engagement by Soldiers or precision-guided munitions. These systems provide critical, on-the-ground direct support to U.S. forces.

Product Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors (PM SMS)

PM SMS is responsible for developing and equipping the Soldier with sensors and lasers to help dominate the battlefield through improved lethality, mobility and survivability in all weather, and visibility conditions.

Product Manager Soldier Precision Targeting Devices (PM SPTD)

PM SPTD develops, produces, fields and sustains man-portable precision targeting systems (locators, designators and entry devices). They support the Joint Force Scout, Forward Observer and Joint Terminal Attack Controller for use across the full spectrum of operations.


Equip the Soldier with sensors, lasers, and precision targeting devices to dominate the battlefield through improved lethality, mobility, situational awareness, and survivability in all operational environments.

PEO Soldier PM SSL Portfolio

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