Project ManagerSoldier Warrior (PM SWAR)

PM SWAR supports Soldiers through the acquisition of integrated Soldier systems. PM SWAR product managers develop and integrate components into complete systems designed to increase Soldiers' situational awareness and combat effectiveness, decrease combat load, and improve mission flexibility.

Product Manager Air Warrior (PdM AW)

PM AW integrates all aviation life support and mission equipment into an ensemble that improves the combat effectiveness of the Army aircrew member. This system leverages several Joint service technology efforts to create a modular system that increases situational awareness and freedom of movement at the flight controls, enhances mobility to safely operate aircraft systems, reduces physiological stress, facilitates aircraft entry and exit, and provides survival gear in the event that an aircraft goes down over land or water.

Product Manager Ground Soldier System (PdM GSS)

PM GS provides unprecedented situational awareness and battle command to the dismounted Soldier through Nett Warrior (NW). Digital imagery and GPS locations provided by NW through the End User Device (EUD) enable thorough mission planning, ramp-side convoy briefings, and on-the-fly changes during missions for high-value targets (HVTs). NW allows teams, squads, and platoons to pinpoint the location of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), cells, or HVTs with improved speed and precision. NW enhances dismounted Soldiers' survivability by rapidly disseminating locations of suspected enemy IEDs and snipers on the EUD. NW also helps prevent fratricide by providing locations of mounted forces and dismounted friendly Soldiers.

Product Director Soldier Systems and Integration (PD SS&I)

Product Director SS&I provides cross-product Soldier hardware systems integration support to enable the PEO at the enterprise level to visualize, understand, and deliberately evolve the Soldier system into a mission-tailorable set of capability modules that function as a seamless, integrated suite and to memorialize the results of a deliberate, collaborative Systems Engineering process. Product Director SS&I oversees the Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS) program, the Soldier Power program, the Warrior Integration Site (WinSite), and administers the Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) on behalf of PEO Soldier.


Develop, integrate, acquire, field, and sustain Air and Ground Soldier systems that connect the Soldier to the network and provide capability improvements in battle command, situational awareness, soldier power, mobile handheld computing standards, systems integration, survivability, mobility, and sustainment.

PEO Soldier PM SWAR Portfolio

Nett Warrior training

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