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Authorized Goggles: Honeywell (UVEX) XMF

The Honeywell XMF protective goggle consists of an injection molded rubber frame (one size) with interchangeable polycarbonate lenses. All lenses have been treated with a hard-coat on the exterior surface to reduce scratching and an anti-fog coating on the interior surface to reduce fogging. The anti-reflective sleeve reduces glint when the goggle is not in use The Honeywell XMF provides ballistic fragmentation protection, and meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 optical and safety requirements. The lens material blocks 99.9% of all UVA and UVB light. This product is UPLC compatible.

Honeywell (UVEX) XMF Goggle Kit, Tan 499 1 each S99-S0765D-MIL 4240-01-630-8058
Replacement Parts
Frame, Honeywell (UVEX) XMF 1 each S99-S0760-BODY 4240-01-641-9440
Lens, Clear, Honeywell (UVEX) XMF 1 each S99-S0780D-MIL1 4240-01-641-9455
Lens, Grey, Honeywell (UVEX) XMF 1 each S99-S0781D-MIL1 4240-01-641-9446
Lenses, Clear (Pg/10), Honeywell (UVEX) XMF Package of 10 S99-S0780D-MIL 4240-01-632-6957
Lenses, Grey (Pg/10), Honeywell (UVEX) XMF Package of 10 S99-S0781D-MIL 4240-01-632-6963
Case 1 each S99-0741D-MIL 4240-01-641-9438
Anti-Fog Cloths Box of 100 S477 4240-01-641-9430
Additional Components
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier – Single Pack (Revision UPLC Carrier) 1 each *4-0436-9102 6540-01-600-6532
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier – (Pg/10) (Revision UPLC Carrier) Package of 10 *4-0436-9104 6540-01-600-6536
UPLC Adapter, Honeywell (UVEX) XMF 1 each S99-S3356-MIL 4240-01-642-1392