M240B/L Accessories

Enhances the capabilities of the M240B/L Medium Machine Gun by improving mobility, reliability and survivability.


M240L Short Barrel

The M240L Short Barrel reduces the length of the standard barrel by four inches and the weight by .5 pounds while maintaining accurate fire at extended ranges. The shorter barrel improves mobility in military operations in urban terrain environments.

M240B/L Collapsible Buttstock

The M240B/L Collapsible Buttstock improves weapon portability. It meets the same requirements as the standard buttstock while offering the ability to collapse to various positions without degrading weapon function.

M240B Combat Ammo Pack

The M240B Combat Ammo Pack provides a lightweight ammunition magazine/container for attachment to the M240B/L Medium Machine Gun. The ammo pack holds 50 rounds of linked 7.62mm ammunition and protects the ammunition belt from dirt and debris. The ammo pack also allows better movement of the M240B/L during initial insertions and engagements.

M240B Adjustable Bipod

The M240B Adjustable Bipod provides improved stability on uneven terrain and improved accuracy on hard surfaces by allowing the Soldier to adjust the legs independently.