Project Manager
Close Combat Squad PM CCS

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Project Manager Close Combat Squad develops, integrates, acquires, fields, and sustains integrated Soldier systems that connect the Soldier with platforms and tactical networks; and perform Soldier and Squad Integration and configuration management and provide capability improvements in battle command, situational awareness, soldier power, mobile handheld computing standards, systems integration, survivability, mobility, and sustainment.

Product Manager Ground Soldier Systems (PdM GSS)
Mission:To provide an integrated suite of situational awareness capabilities and tactical Soldier power material for the Army.

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Director Soldier Integration Facility (SIF)
Mission:To provide a cross-organizational capability for the development, combat overmatch, integration, increased lethality, and interoperability of emerging close combat capabilities for the Soldier and the Squad.

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To integrate Soldiers’ systems, which will improve situational awareness, lethality and combat overmatch, by decreasing combat load and improving mission flexibility.