Project ManagerSoldier Protection and Individual Equipment (PM SPIE)

PM SPIE develops and fields advanced Soldier protection products, comfortable uniforms that enhance mission effectiveness, and improved parachute systems. These products are designed to protect Soldiers and allow them to operate in any conditions.

Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM SCIE)

PM SCIE supports Soldiers in multiple operational environments and improves their survivability, safety, mobility, and sustainability by providing safe, durable, and operationally effective organizational clothing and individual equipment. PM SCIE provides technologically advanced tactical and environmental protective clothing, individual chemical protective gear, load-carrying systems, and personnel parachutes and other related air-drop equipment.

Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE)

PM SPE provides increased Warfighter lethality and mobility by optimizing Soldier protection while effectively managing all lifecycle aspects of personal protective equipment.


Develop and provide superior and sustainable integrated clothing and equipment in a rapidly changing global environment as well as provide Soldiers with the state-of-the-art protection to defeat and reduce threats associated with Ballistics, Blast Overpressure, Fragmentation and Heat.

PEO Soldier PM SPIE Portfolio