Soldier Enhancement Program

A program by Soldiers for Soldiers

The Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) is an enduring process designed to help the Army move at "the Speed of Industry" to evaluate, test, and type classify existing prototypes or commercially available items that will enhance Soldiers' ability to execute their combat mission.

Over 42% of the PEO Soldier portfolio
originated within SEP

The SEP represents an aggressive effort to identify and procure off-the-shelf items that have the potential to substantially improve weapons and support equipment for our Nation’s Soldiers, focused on our current Warfighting functional areas of fires, mission command, movement and maneuver, sustainability and protection.

Established in 1989, codified in the FY90
National Defense Authorization Act

The purpose of the Soldier/Marine Enhancement Program (S/MEP) is to provide general impetus for increasing the combat effectiveness of our Army and Marine infantryman. The Marine Enhancement Program (MEP) is located at Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia. S/MEP coordinate and collaborate to ensure optimization of operations, actions and activities to benefit both Services while not duplicating efforts. MEP meets quarterly to review efforts at Quantico, Marine Corps Base, while SEP convenes semi-annually to review initiatives at Fort Belvoir, VA / Fort Benning, GA.

The program was established in 1989 to “evaluate, test and type classify existing prototypes or commercially available items and to NOT fund lengthy developmental programs or to procure large numbers of major items for use.” The program is pursuant of “lighter, more lethal weapons and munitions for individual infantryman and improved equipment.” The program has continually been funded since 1990 and congruent with Congressional intent utilizing a buy, try and decide methodology to evaluate existing prototypes or commercially available items.

SEP is an enduring process designed to help the Army move at “the Speed of Industry.” SEP funds multiple initiatives, approved semi-annually at the Council of Colonels in September/October and February/March:

  • 46 initiatives in FY14
  • 29 initiatives in FY13
  • 25 initiatives in FY12

Leveraging existing capabilities within Industry
to enhance our Soldiers

SEP solicits suggestions from individual Soldiers, field commanders, commercial manufacturers, capability and materiel developers. Ideal submissions are government-off-the-shelf (GOTS), commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), or non-developmental items (NDI).

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