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Knowing Soldier's Challenges. Delivering Solutions.


Commanded by Brig. Gen. Christopher Schneider, PEO Soldier delivers 130 programs of record and 253 products and non-programs of record, such as essential capabilities from body armor, helmets, sensors and lasers to legacy weapons systems. PEO Soldier has four Project Manager (PM) Offices and one Project Director. They are: Project Manager Soldier Lethality, Project Manager Soldier Survivability, Program Manager Soldier Warrior, and Assistant Program Executive Officer.

PEO Soldier is committed to delivering capabilities that enhance combat overmatch against near peer threats. To do this, PEO Soldier has launched the Adaptive Squad Architecture (ASA) to create a squad architecture that enables the rapid but deliberate delivery of integrated capabilities to the force, initially focused on the close combat formations, to ensure a lethal overmatch against current and future threats. It will also provide a single, authoritative technical database of all squad equipment and assist in analyzing, defining and maintaining interfaces, which will make it possible to manage the squad as an integrated platform. By taking a systems approach to Soldier load, PEO Soldier will be able to allocate size, weight and power across the subcomponents to further optimize mobility, effectiveness and ultimately, lethality.

PEO Soldier Mission


Rapidly deliver agile/adaptive, leading edge Soldier capabilities in order to provide combat overmatch today and in the future.


Be the world’s premier capability provider.


  1. Take Care of Our People
  2. Deliver Capabilities
  3. Be a Great Teammate

PEO Soldier Leadership

PEO Soldier's success in understanding and influencing business and government is largely due to the combinded experience and achievements of our leadership team. The quality of the systems we develop and the continual technological advancement of the products we deliver uphold the integrity of PEO Soldier's mission.

brigadier general schneider

Brigadier General
Christopher D. Schneider

Program Executive Officer Soldier

deputy peo clements

Mr. Andrew T. Clements

Deputy PEO Soldier

sergeant major edwin freeman

Sergeant Major
Daniel S. Rose

PEO Soldier Sergeant Major