Project Manager
Soldier Survivability (PM SSV)

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Project Manager Soldier Survivability develops and fields innovative Soldier protection equipment, functional uniforms and individual equipment that enhance mission effectiveness, and improved individual parachute systems. Each Product Team provides capabilities that are designed to optimize Soldier performance and allow them to operate in various environmental conditions. PM SSV consists of Product Manager Soldier Clothing & Individual Equipment (PdM SCIE), Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PdM SPE), Product Manager Air Warrior (PdM AW), and the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) Team responsible for fielding Soldier protection capabilities and individual equipment to the force.

Product Manager Soldier Clothing & Individual Equipment (PdM SCIE)
Mission: To support Soldiers in all operational environments and improve their survivability, protection, mobility, and sustainability by providing safe, agile, adaptive, durable and operationally effective organizational clothing and individual clothing.

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Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PdM SPE)
Mission: To increase the Warfighter’s lethality and mobility by optimizing Soldier protection and effectively serving as the Lifecycle Manager for all personal protective equipment.

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Product Manager Air Warrior (PdM AW)
Mission: To integrate aviation life support and mission equipment into an ensemble that provides combat overmatch and improves the combat effectiveness of the Army aircrew member.

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Provide and rapidly deliver to Soldiers enhanced protection, individual equipment, and aviation life support capabilities, which provides combat overmatch and facilitates mission execution.