The Program Management Office’s organizational structure offers the essential platform needed to design, develop, procure and field the hundreds of pieces of equipment used to enhance Soldiers’ performance and safety. The four board-selected PMO’s oversee a total of nine Product Management Offices and Directorates that are responsible for managing the life cycles of virtually everything Soldiers wear or carry into combat.

Project Manager


PM SSV develops and fields innovative Soldier protection equipment, functional uniforms and individual equipment that enhance mission effectiveness, and improved individual parachute systems. Each Product Team provides capabilities that are designed to optimize Soldier performance and allow them to operate in various environmental conditions. PM SSV consists of Product Manager Soldier Clothing & Individual Equipment (PdM SCIE), Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PdM SPE), Product Manager Air Warrior (PdM AW), and the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) Team responsible for fielding Soldier protection capabilities and individual equipment to the force.

Project Manager
Combat Squad


PM CCS develops, integrates, acquires, fields, and sustains integrated Soldier systems that connect the Soldier with platforms and tactical networks; and perform Soldier and Squad Integration and configuration management and provide capability improvements in battle command, situational awareness, soldier power, mobile handheld computing standards, systems integration, survivability, mobility, and sustainment.

Project Manager
Soldier Maneuver
and Precision Targeting


PM SMPT provides Soldiers with improved lethality, mobility, and survivability in all weather and visibility conditions. Sensor and laser systems developed by PM SMPT provide critical, on-the-ground direct support to U.S. forces. Soldier-borne sensors and lasers enhance the Soldier’s ability to see in all battlefield and lighting conditions, to acquire objects of military significance before the Soldier is detected, and to target threat object accurately for engagement by Soldiers or guided munitions.

Project Manager


PM SL ensures that Soldiers on the battlefield have overmatch capabilities in individual and crew served weapons. PM SL supports Soldiers through the development, production, fielding, and sustainment of current and future weapons systems, as well as associated target acquisition/fire control products. As a result of PM SL's efforts, Soldiers benefit from continuous improvement programs and are equipped with systems that enhance both survivability and lethality.

Project Manager
Integrated Visual
Augmentation System


IVAS will consist of a Heads-Up Display that will allow Soldiers to experience augmented reality. It will be integrated into combat operations increasing lethality, mobility, and situational awareness and will enable Soldiers to train in synthetic environments with the same equipment they use to fight.

Project Director
Equipping Force


The Rapid Equipping Force harnesses current and emerging technologies to provide immediate solutions to the urgent challenges of U.S. Army Forces deployed globally. The REF supports priority equipping efforts over a wide range of challenges including solutions for subterranean operations, electronic warfare, unmanned and counter-unmanned aerial systems, intelligence, and expeditionary force protection. The REF leverages existing technology to meet urgent needs, while also informing materiel development for the future force.