es-tint crtl ms1

Authorized Spectacles: e-Tint CTRL MS1

The e-Tint CTRL MS1 spectacle consists of a polycarbonate lens laminated with a liquid crystal layer that provides the capability to automatically transition the lens between light and dark in one second based on ambient light. The MS1 spectacle is offered in two sizes, Regular and Large, and provides ballistic-fragmentation protection, and meets MIL-PRF-32432A optical and safety requirements. The lens material blocks 99.9% of all UVA and UVB light. This product is UPLC compatible.

e-Tint CTRL MS1 Size Regular Spectacle Kit 1 each MS02-Kit 4240-01-657-5292
e-Tint CTRL MS1 Size Large Spectacle Kit 1 each MS02L-Kit 4240-01-657-5301
Replacement Parts
Lens, Clear, MS1 Spectacle Size Regular 1 each MS02-CL 4240-01-661-5408
Lens, LCD, MS1 Spectacle Size Regular 1 each MS02-EL 4240-01-661-5599
Lens, Clear, MS1 Spectacle Size Large 1 each MS02L-CL 4240-01-661-6646
Lens, LCD, MS1 Spectacle Size Large 1 each MS02L-EL 4240-01-661-6569
Frame, Spectacle, Industrial MS1 Spectacle 1 each MS02-FA-MBLK 4240-01-661-7199
Nosepiece. Spectacle 1 each MS02-NOSE-MBLK 4240-01-661-5280
Nosepiece, UPLC, MS1 Spectacle 1 each MS02-NOSEP-MBLK 4240-01-661-5381
Battery Pack/USB Charger 1 each CHARGERPK 6140-01-675-4345
Additional Components
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier – Single Pack (Revision UPLC Carrier) 1 each *4-0436-9102 6540-01-600-6532
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier - (Pg/10) Package of 10 *4-0436-9104 6540-01-600-6536