wiley x gravity

Authorized Spectacles: Wiley X Gravity

The Wiley X Gravity protective spectacle consists of a plastic frame with interchangeable polycarbonate lenses. All lenses have been treated with a hard coat on the exterior surface to reduce scratching and anti-fog coating on the interior surface to reduce fogging. The Wiley X Gravity provides ballistic fragmentation protection and meets all MIL-PRF-32432A optical and safety requirements. The lens material blocks 99.9% of all UVA and UVB light. This product is NOT UPLC compatible.

Wiley X Gravity, Spectacle Kit 1 each CH5201 4240-01-701-2897
Replacement Parts
Frame, Gravity Spectacle 1 each CH520F 4240-01-701-3126
Lens, Clear, Wiley X Gravity 1 each CH52C 4240-01-701-2758
Lens, Grey, Wiley X Gravity 1 each CH52S 4240-01-701-2760
Lenses, Clear (Pg/10), Wiley X Gravity Package of 10 CH52C10 4240-01-701-2890
Lenses, Grey (Pg/10), Wiley X Gravity Package of 10 CH52S10 4240-01-701-2892
Case, Wiley X Gravity 1 each DN750G 4240-01-701-3136
Facial Cavity Seal, Replacement 1 each CH52G 4240-01-701-8176
Retention Strap, Wiley X Spectacles 1 each A492B 4240-01-633-4322
Cleaning Cloth, Wiley X Spectacles 1 each A425 4240-01-633-2474