wiley x spear thermal

Authorized Goggles: Wiley X Spear Thermal

The Wiley X Spear Thermal Cold Weather protective goggle contains an injection molded plastic frame (one size) with interchangeable double paned polycarbonate lenses. The lenses consist of a thick polycarbonate outer lens with an exterior hard coating, and thinner inner acetate lens treated with an anti-fog coating. The two lenses are stacked in a double pane manner to seal the air space between the two lenses, making it ideal for cold weather environments. The goggle is offered in one size, and provides ballistic-fragmentation protection, and meets MIL-PRF-32432A optical and safety requirements. The lens material blocks 99.9% of all UVA and UVB light. This product is UPLC compatible.

Wiley X Spear Thermal Goggle Kit, Tan 499 1 each EFG-SP30DLT 4240-01-678-6131
Replacement Parts
Frame, Tan 499 (EA) 1 each SP30TF 4240-01-633-2229
Lens Clear (EA), Spear Thermal Goggle 1 each SP29DC 4240-01-679-3837
Lenses Clear (Pg/10), Spear Thermal Goggle Package of 10 SP29DC10 4240-01-679-3880
Lens Grey (EA), Spear Thermal Goggle 1 each SP29DS 4240-01-679-3870
Lenses Grey (Pg/10), Spear Thermal Goggle Package of 10 SP29DS10 4240-01-679-3914
Case, Protective Goggle Tan 499, Spear Thermal Goggle 1 each AN571T 4240-01-633-3571
Retention Strap Tan 499, Spear Thermal Goggle 1 each SP30ET 4240-01-641-1982
Anti-Fog Solution, Spear Thermal Goggle 1 each FOG 4240-01-679-3975
Additional Components
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier – Single Pack (Revision UPLC Carrier) 1 each *4-0436-9102 6540-01-600-6532
*Universal Prescription Lens Carrier – (Pg/10) (Revision UPLC Carrier) Package of 10 *4-0436-9104 6540-01-600-6536
UPLC Adapter 1 each R9101 4240-01-630-2588