M500 Shotgun

M500 Shotgun

Increases the Soldier’s capability for door breaching and crowd control.

The M500 Shotgun is a manually (slide) operated repeating shotgun chambered in 12 gauge, with an integral five-round tubular magazine. The M500 Shotgun provides short-range lethal and less-than-lethal crowd control and door-breaching capabilities with appropriate ammunition types. The M500 is commonly issued to infantry, military police, engineers and armorers.


  • Caliber: 12-gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Weight: 7.0 pounds (unloaded)
  • Length: 39.5 inches
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
  • Range: Ammunition dependent


  • Caliber: 12-gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
  • Weight: 8.0 pounds (unloaded)
  • Length: 40.5 inches
  • Barrel Length: 20 inches
  • Range: Ammunition dependent