MK19 Grenade Machine Gun

MK19 Grenade Machine Gun

Provides offensive and defensive Soldier support via a tripod- or vehicle-mounted grenade machine gun.

The MK19 Grenade Machine Gun supports the Soldier in offensive and defensive roles. It delivers a heavy volume of accurate and continuous firepower against enemy personnel and lightly armored vehicles. The MK19 can mount on a tripod or on multiple vehicle platforms. It is the primary suppressive weapon for combat support and combat service support units. The weapon can protect motor movements, assembly areas and supply trains in bivouac.

The MK19 Grenade Machine Gun can defend against hovering rotary-wing aircraft, destroy lightly armored vehicles, fire on suspected enemy positions and provide high-volume fire into an engagement area and indirect fires from hidden positions. The system increases the capability of U.S. forces to defeat opposing armored, mechanized and infantry forces with high-explosive, dual-purpose ammunition.


  • Caliber: 40mm
  • Weight: 77.6 pounds without mount or tripod
  • Length: 43.1 inches
  • Range: Point target 1,500 meters; area target 2,212 meters