XM914 30x113mm Chain Gun

XM914 30x113mm Chain Gun

Provide enhanced lethality, mobility and capability beyond .50 caliber to conduct direct fire overmatch against like threat systems.

The XM914 (30x113mm) weapon system is a single feed, automatic, electrically powered, link-fed, chain driven weapon system. The XM914 weapon system is capable of firing single-shot and 200 spm bursts with included anti-hangfire protection. It can be used on a vehicle mounted remote weapon stations for several types of combat vehicles. The XM914 fires the electrically primed M789 High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) round used on the Apache. Due to electromagnetic interference concerns, the weapon was converted into an XM914E1 with a percussion primed firing pin. The XM914E1 can fire the XM949 HEDP (equivalent to M789) to engage ground targets and XM1198 High Explosive Dual Purpose Self Destruct (HEDP-SD) to engage aerial targets.

Product Director Crew Served Weapons (PD CSW) is conducting weapon testing for Product Directorate Counter-Rockets. Artillery, Mortars (PD C-RAM). Under a JUONS, PD C-RAM is pursuing a directed requirement to field ammunition systems selected to defeat a wide spectrum of target sets, particularly ground-to-air targets in support of counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) engagements from the Mobile Low, Slow Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Defeat system (M-LIDS) platform. Northup Grumman Information Systems (NGIS) is the prime contractor for both the weapon and associated ammo development.

The XM914 integrated into the M-LIDS weapon platform is being developed as a set of systems used to detect, engage and defeat incoming threats. Operation of the XM914 relies on the PD C-RAM’s Command and Control (C2), Ku band Radio Frequency System (KRFS) radar, and the M-LIDS to support the C-UAS mission. The XM914 will be mounted on a Reconfigurable Integrated Weapons Platform (RIwP) system to defeat the UAS.

The weapon is currently undergoing safety testing at Aberdeen Providing Grounds to meet the M-LIDS system level Safety Confirmation scheduled for September 2020.


  • Rate of Fire: 200spm
  • Ammunition Fired: 30mm x 113mm
  • Ammunition Configurations: Linked, electrically primed; Linked, percussion primed
  • Barrel Length: 60 in
  • Barrel Weight: 50.2 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 169.8 lbs
  • Recoil: 1650 lb peak load (1.5in recoil)