Air Soldier System (Air SS)

Air Soldier System (Air SS)

Increase the Army rotary wing aircrew’s Lethality, Endurance and Protection.

The Air Soldier System (Air SS) is an ACAT II PEO Soldier program that improves Army rotary wing aircrew mission performance, survivability, safety and Situational Awareness (SA) by equipping Army aircrews and aircraft with improved protective, survival and mission equipment.

Air SS reduces the bulk and weight borne by the aviation Soldier by combining or eliminating clothing and individual equipment components and layers without compromising protection.

Air SS provides lighter weight body armor and environmental protective garments with fewer layers, including active thermal regulation. Air SS improves the connectivity between the Soldier and the platform; and aligns with Network, Soldier Lethality and Future Vertical Lift modernization priorities.

Air SS Capabilities:

  • Soldier-worn electronics, survival and mission equipment that enhance aircrew mission effectiveness and reduce Soldier Load
  • A ruggedized Tablet computer for UH-60L aviators that provides Blue Force Tracking connectivity, mission planning and execution, enroute Situational Awareness, and Over The Horizon digital C2 communications
  • Common Helmet Mounted Display (CHMD) with enhanced symbology for UH-60, CH-47 aviators that delivers increased SA and safety, aligns CHMD symbology with cockpit display symbology in the digital fleet, replaces obsolescing aircraft symbol generator and adds increased capability
  • An improved HGU-56P Rotary Wing Helmet (RWH) that enhances SA and safety for all aircrew platforms (except Apache) through improved Field Of View, energy absorbing liner and retention assembly
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) replaces paper DoD Flight Information Publications for aircrews in the cockpit with a growth path to become the Nett Warrior-Aviation, the aircrew Mission Planning/Mission Command End User Device
  • Environmental Control Vest - reduces bulk/weight of current cooling vest (approximately 40 percent reduction)
  • Lightweight Joint Protective Air Crew Ensemble (L-JPACE) - reduces chemical / biological protective garment bulk
  • Lightweight Immersion Suit for Aviation (LISA) - improves cold water immersion protection and reduces bulk
  • Soft Armor Ballistic Insert - reduces bulk to equal Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) armor
  • Optimized 72-hour survival items - smaller, lighter, standardized, integrated aircrew survival equipment

Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) effort provides:

  • The Aircrew Combat Equipment (ACE) replaces the legacy AW Personal Survival Gear Carrier. ACE will reduce weight and bulk, integrate Modular Scalable Vest body armor, personal flotation; and enhance compatibility and stowage/interface provisions for current and future clothing and individual equipment. The ACE reduces the bulk and weight by 35 percent as compared to the equivalent components and capabilities of the legacy AW ensemble
  • The Nett Warrior – Aviation tablet is the primary EUD for the rated air crewmember utilizing Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) software to interface the Common Operating Picture (COP)/tactical network
  • The UH-60L Aviation Information System (AIS) expands the SA capability of the legacy Electronic Data Manager (EDM) on the UH-60L platform; a Gateway Mission Router provides secure network router/server capability including Wi-Fi, for all connected devices on the platform. AIS is a network interface to platform Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (APNT) sources, platform line of sight and non-line of sight radios; and integrates an ADS-B receiver providing weather and air traffic information to connected EUDs. Wirelessly connects the Nett Warrior-equipped Infantry Squad Leader to the platform. Potential to become an integral part of a common Army Air/Ground mission command solution