Chemical Protective Clothing – Accessories

Chemical Protective Clothing – Accessories

Protects the Soldier from chemical and biological (CB) contamination during battle and other mission operations.

The Chemical and Biological (CB) Protective Equipment Bag consolidates and transports the CB protective gear. It consists of an abrasion-resistant nylon and incorporates a roll down quick-release buckle closure system. Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) style web loops stitched to the carrier accept cargo tie-down straps and attach to the current and developmental load-carrying equipment. The bag is resistant to petroleum, oils and lubricants, corrosion, fungus, insect repellent and salt water.

The Chemical Protective Helmet Cover is a one-piece configuration made of butyl rubber-coated nylon cloth. It gathers at the opening by elastic webbing enclosed in the hem. It provides any standard helmet with protection from CB contamination.

The Chemical Protective Glove Set includes the impermeable butyl rubber gloves with cotton knit liners, which protect the hands in a chemical-threat environment. The gloves have right- and left-hand five-fingered configurations, and are shaped to follow the natural curvature of the hand in a relaxed position. The inner permeable cotton five-finger gloves provide comfort and fit either hand. They come in 7-mil, 14-mil and 25-mil depending on mission requirements. The 14 & 25-mil provide 24-hours of protection for 14 days, while the 7-mil provides 6 hours.

The Alternative Footwear System (AFS) consists of an impermeable compounded butyl rubber with improved traction and durability over the GVO/BVO legacy items. AFS boots have slip coat treatment on the inside for ease of donning and doffing. Elastic loops pull over three metal fasteners to close the gusset expansion after donning. Soldiers wear the AFS over standard combat boots to provide chemical protection when needed and moisture protection during wet weather. The AFS provides 24 hours of protection against all known CB agents for a maximum wear of 45 days. The AFS is being replaced by the Moulded AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (MALO) which provides the same protection.

The Joint Block II Glove Upgrade (JB2GU) Non-Flame Resistant (nFR) consists of impermeable articulated butyl rubber that provides increased tactility and dexterity over the current 25-mil butyl rubber glove. The JB2GU nFR provides 24 hours of protection for 30 days of wear.