Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

Protects the Soldier from chemical and biological (CB) contamination during battle and other mission operations.

The Chemical Protective Undergarment (CPU) is a two-piece “form-fitting” design worn under the combat vehicle crewman (CVC) or aviator uniform. When worn with a new duty uniform, the system will provide 12 hours of liquid and vapor protection from chemical agents. The CPU is snug-fitting and air permeable. The CPU is no longer manufactured and the remaining CPU stocks will be used until the supply is exhausted.

The U.S. Army Firefighter’s Integrated Suit-Combat (FIS-C) protects military firefighters in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards and provides CB protection during firefighting. The FIS-C consists of a proximity coat, proximity trousers, gloves, helmet, standard firefighting boots, Nomex balaclava, self-contained breathing apparatus with chemical kit, Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) overgarment, CB gloves/liners, and carrying bag.

The Suit, Contamination Avoidance, Liquid Protective (SCALP) is an impermeable, lightweight, inexpensive disposable ensemble that provides supplemental protection when worn over standard chemical protective garments. SCALP consists of a jacket, trousers and two footwear covers worn over the chemical protective overgarment and overboots. All components provide protection from liquid contamination for up to one hour.

The Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) ensemble is the first Department of Defense (DoD)-managed CB protection overgarment. The JSLIST is a two-piece garment worn over the standard duty uniform with butyl rubber gloves, Black Vinyl Overshoes or Alternative Footwear System overboot, and the M40 or M50 chemical protective mask. The JSLIST provides the Soldier with 24 hours of chemical protection in a contaminated environment after 45 days of wear and six launderings.

The Joint Protective Aircrew Ensemble (JPACE) is a one-piece coverall that provides CB protection and flame resistance for aircrews. Army aviators wear the JPACE with a vapor protective neck dam to provide added protection in the head and neck region. The JPACE provides the Soldier with 16 hours of chemical protection in a contaminated environment after 30 days of wear. The JPACE integrates and is compatible with legacy and new CB clothing items and chemical masks.