Cold (Wet and Dry) Weather and Specialty Boots

Cold (Wet and Dry) Weather and Specialty Boots

Provides the Soldier with environmental foot protection suitable for wet and dry cold weather conditions.

The Extreme Cold Weather Boot (ECWB) provides protection against the environmental hazards down to -60°F. Boots are white and have six pairs of eyelets and insulation consisting of three layers of needle-punched polyester foam hermetically sealed within an outer and inner layer of rubber. The boot has a pressure-release valve to adjust internal air pressure in the boot during high altitude operations.

The Cold Weather Combat Boot (CWCB) is designed to provide environmental protection to Soldiers from -20°F to +14°F. The CWCB is coyote in color and provides flame protection, slip resistance, and traction in snow and ice.

The Intermediate Cold Wet Boot (ICWB) is a coyote, cold-wet weather combat boot with a moisture-resistant, rough-side-out cattle hide leather upper measuring 10 inches in height. Soldiers wear boots in cold, wet environments where the average monthly temperature ranges between 14 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This boot contains a waterproof breathable membrane and a has a shock-attenuating soling system with a slip- and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. It has a combination eyelet and speed-lace lacing system.

The Mountain Combat Boot (MCB) is a durable, hiking-style mountain combat boot designed to provide a combat-effective boot with the ankle stability, support, and mobility required in a rugged mountainous environment. The MCB has both a temperate and hot weather version. The HW MCB provides increased breathability.