Communication Ear Plugs (CEP), and Communications Enhancement and Protection System (CEPS)

Provides improved sound attenuation, speech intelligibility and external audio (“helmet hear through”) for Aircrew.

Communication Ear Plugs (CEP) are a pair of small sound transducers paired with hollow foam ear tips. The foam ear tips increase the sound attenuation already provided by the ear cups on the HGU-56/P Aircrew Integrated Helmet System (AIHS). The sound transducers provide a clear signal through the hollow foam ear tips. As a result, the Aircrew member hears clear communications not degraded by ambient noise. CEP now integrated into new helmets during production.

The Communications Enhancement and Protection System (CEPS) is a commercial off-the-shelf enhancement to the CEP. They allow dismounted Aircrew to hear and localize sounds while off the aircraft with ground personnel not connected to the aircraft’s intercom and during escape-and-evade actions while wearing the HGU-56/P AIHS. Dual communication earplugs connect to a pair of tiny microphones that are mounted on the helmet’s ear domes. A toggle switch changes the audio input from the aircraft communications to the ear dome microphones. A gain switch allows the Soldier to adjust audible communication levels.