Maneuverable Canopy (MC-6) Personnel Parachute System

Maneuverable Canopy (MC-6) Personnel Parachute System

Enables Paratroopers to steer toward a specific impact point on the drop zone.

The MC-6 Advanced Tactical Parachute System offers the Airborne Soldier a tactical, static line-deployed, steerable personnel parachute capability. It replaced the legacy MC-1 series parachute system, associated harness and reserve. The MC-6 has a lower rate of descent, lower opening shock, reduced canopy damage, better turn ratio and a better glide ratio than the MC-1. The system can operate at higher altitudes with heavier weights. These improvements result in better maneuverability, greater canopy control and reduced jumper injury. The Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) is 25,659.

The MC-6 is functional throughout the full spectrum of operational and environmental conditions. The MC-6 integrates the maneuverable main canopy (SF-10A) with the T-11 harness and T-11 reserve parachute (T-11R).

The MC-6 main and reserve canopies consist of 1.1 ounces low-porosity ripstop nylon. Block construction facilitates manufacturing and repair. The container bag is made of Cordura™, an abrasion and water-resistant fabric. The harness is Type 7 webbing.

The main canopy assembly weight with T-11 harness is 26 pounds. The T-11R reserve assembly weight is 15 pounds. The main canopy is 32 feet in diameter and the reserve canopy is 24 feet in diameter.