Rotary Wing Helmet (RWH) HGU-56/P

Rotary Wing Helmet (RWH)  HGU-56/P

Increases mission effectiveness for Aircrew members with a lightweight helmet that offers improved comfort, impact protection, retention and sound attenuation.

The RWH HGU-56/P is the next generation of the original Aircrew Integrated Helmet System HGU-56/P. It has all the capabilities of the legacy HGU-56/P helmet (available in six sizes, advanced composite of graphite and Spectra, Maxillofacial Shield, Dual Visor Housing, Clear and Sun Visors and Laser Eye Protection).

In addition, the RWH provides the following capabilities over the original HGU-56/P:

  • Increased peripheral Field of View for increase Situational Awareness
  • Improved Retention System: More stable in crash scenario and reduces the need for ANVIS counterweights.
  • Communication Enhancement and Protection System (CEPS) enabling external audio capabilities
  • Tan 499 color