Nett Warrior (NW)

Nett Warrior

Rapidly deliver mobile mission integrated capabilities, enhanced situational awareness, and interoperability at the tactical edge across Brigade Combat Teams to allow faster and more accurate leader decisions.

Nett Warrior (NW) provides situational awareness to the dismounted leader (Team Leader & above). It allows for faster, more accurate decisions in the tactical fight, connecting the dismounted leader to the network in Brigade Combat Teams. NW uses commercial smart devices with tactical applications networked through the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) for multiple transmitting options.

Nett Warrior employs the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) software suite along with custom NW applications. The software is a Map-Based, Situational Awareness application. NW leverages a cross platform approach which includes Android, Windows, Linux, and HTML. NW provides Tactical interoperability for Military, Federal Government, and host nation partner operations. Its’ extensible plugin architecture allows enhanced capabilities for specific mission sets and the Software Development Kit (SDK) allows external program offices the opportunity for integration.