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NEWS | Aug. 12, 2020

N.J. Governor Recognizes Former PM SL Summer Intern

By Peter Rowland PEO Soldier

PM Soldier Lethality’s Shailesh Parmar beamed with pride on Apr. 9 when he learned that N.J. Governor Phil Murphy had recognized his son, Kunj, and Kunj’s two roommates – all Rowan University students – during the N.J. Chief Executive’s daily Covid-19 news conference. Kunj is a former PM SL engineering intern who worked for the CROWS Division during the summers of 2018 and 2019. Murphy thanked the students and their mechanical engineering professor for helping to protect New Jersey’s front-line health care providers from infection by making and donating intubation boxes to Jefferson Washington Township Hospital, Ispira Health and Cooper University Health Care.

Fabricated from polycarbonate sheets, the boxes sit over the heads and shoulders of lying Covid-19 patients who are on ventilators. Medical staff insert the oxygen tubes through arm holes in the boxes. The boxes help shield them from infection.

Murphy recognized the students and professor during his televised briefing, on his Facebook page and in a tweet that said:

“At @RowanUniversity, Joshua Meyer, Kunj Parmar, and Colton Jacobucci – working with their mechanical engineering professor, Dr. Francis Haas – are making polycarbonate intubation boxes that they're donating to help protect our front-line heath care providers.”

Shailesh is a Product Management Engineer who works on nonstandard weapons in Product Director Crew Served Weapons. Kunj works at Picatinny for Parsons Corporation as a contractor employee.