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NEWS | April 5, 2022

Project INCISIVE Executes First Tactical Assessment

By Jason Amadi PEO Soldier

Project Director Soldier & Squad Integration (PD S&SI) participated in the first tactical assessments of Project INCISIVE on Fort Benning, March 3-7.

Project INCISIVE is a capability effort designed to improve situational awareness and accelerate the Soldier decision cycle by enabling dismounted Soldiers sensors to distribute data from networked cameras and sensors through an automated artificial intelligence machine learning system that identifies, reports and automatically tracks priority objects.

“Army Expeditionary Warfighting Experiment (AEWE) has given us the opportunity to assess the capability in a more tactically flavored environment,” said Brian Raftery, Project Director for Soldier & Squad Integration within Project Executive Office (PEO) Soldier. “Thus far our assessments have been done in a laboratory to field in what I’d call an uncontested environment. Here we’re doing live, force-on-force exercises to see how it behaves and what potential tactics, techniques and procedures we can take out of this to improve its overall performance.”

Soldiers from the U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands gathered to take part in a series of exercises with one squad defending and the other attacking, using the Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS). The SBS would detect the attacking squad as early as possible and allow the defending squad time to react and maneuver before they encounter the enemy.

The opportunity to get out in the field and have Soldiers get their hands on it has been tremendous,” said James Mingo, operational synchronization lead for PD S&SI within PEO Soldier. “Nothing substitutes tactical forces who are engaged in an operation being able to provide feedback, both positive and negative.”

“What’s really impressive is when they say ‘I know it does this, but maybe it could do this.’ That gets back to PEO Soldier’s mantra of leveraging opportunities in the white space. We have folks from Booze Allen Hamilton (BAH) and PD S&SI taking notes and that will all go towards shaping the direction that we want to go, which is deeper and further into artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Mingo.

Having multinational forces represented during the exercises allowed PD S&SI to gain some unique viewpoints on Project INCISIVE.

“It’s been a great experience getting the difference perspective from our partner units,” said Master Sgt. Trevor Denny, senior enlisted advisor for PD S&SI. “We’ve been able to build relationships, understand their forces, how they fight and how that relates to how we fight. And in the development of Project INCISIVE, their feedback helped refine what we’re developing so that when it does get to the force, it really enhances the warfighter’s capability.”

Project INSCISVE is a collaborative effort that started as part as PDS&SI tech scouting initiative. Different products and capabilities were brought together to build a new aided target recognition capability. The first tactical assessment of Project INCISIVE is a major milestone in its development.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be out here and see the fruits and labors of a bunch of folks both within PEO Soldier and our industry partner Booze Allen Hamilton, come to fruition. All of this validates the hard work we’ve all put in and allowed us to receive incredibly valuable feedback to get where we want to be in the future,” said Mingo.

PD S&SI are working on a next step called “Project Incisive Next,” and are actively exploring what other type of sensors can be included. Booz Allen Hamilton, PD S&SI’s industry partner, will continue to develop options to explore as this capability continues to mature and show promise across multiple platforms.