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NEWS | Dec. 6, 2022

Susan Fung, Deputy Product Manager

By Fred Shear PEO Soldier

Susan Fung, Deputy Product Manager, Ground Soldier Systems (GSS), Project Manager Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), has worked on the Army’s night vision devices and augmented reality goggles for two decades.

Ms. Fung joined the Army workforce shortly after graduating from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After initially considering working in the aerospace industry after college, the post-9/11 climate drew her to the Army. Fung joined the service’s Night Vision Electronics Sensors Directorate in 2002. For the next 14 years, she served in the directorate’s Special Products and Prototyping Division (SPPD), mainly supporting the Special Operations community.

Fung had a front-row seat at the evolution of night vision technology over the years.

“In the early 2000s, the Army’s digital night vision efforts were mainly research and development efforts. Back then you had a traditional goggle-like configuration where the sensors were a lot larger than they are now,” she said. “The device was very big with a lot lower performing capabilities. It definitely was not anywhere near something that Soldiers could use. But it provided a platform to get feedback.”

As a result of continuous R&D efforts and Soldier feedback, “sensor and display technologies have greatly improved,” Fung said.

IVAS is a culmination of these efforts. The IVAS goggle features digital low-light and thermal night vision, and high-resolution waveguide technology that enables advanced navigation and target acquisition tools and provides a field of view nearly twice as wide as current devices.

Before joining IVAS in 2019, Fung held several other positions at PEO Soldier since 2015, to include service at Product Manager Soldier Precision Targeting Devices, Project Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers, Assistant PEO Futures & Integration and multiple positions within her current organization, Project Manager IVAS.  She also credits a Department of Defense (DoD) Industry Exchange Program assignment with Booz Allen Hamilton for broadening her understanding of industry and the DoD beyond the Army.

What does Fung enjoy the most about working at PEO Soldier?

“The people,” she said. “It's an amazing team where everyone is very focused on delivering the best capability to the Soldier.”

Fung is embracing her leadership role at Ground Soldier Systems, the office responsible for the daily management of the IVAS program.

“In my previous positions, I was always focused on program execution, delivering capability and delivering product right to the warfighter, which was an amazing opportunity. In my new role, it's more about, building the right team and workforce,” she said. “I find that equally if not more rewarding.”

Fung’s advice for those thinking about joining the acquisition workforce?

“I would develop a good background and depth of knowledge in a certain area,” she said. “After you get your knowledge base, don't be afraid to broaden and try new things. Develop the ability to learn and not to be afraid of change.  Find where you can make a larger impact and pursue your passion.”