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NEWS | March 31, 2023

Maj. Vermillion’s Road to Joining the Army

By Jason Amadi PEO Soldier Public Affairs

Joining the military can mean a fresh start and unprecedented opportunity for civilians looking to become service members. On November 20, 2009, Maj. Marguerite Vermillion, now serving as Assistant Product Manager for Product Manager Soldier Maneuver Systems within Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier, who was looking for a challenge and fresh start, found one in the Army.

“I graduated college before I joined the military and I have worked hard all my life,” said Vermillion. “When I finally earned my degree, I wanted to do something meaningful that would have a positive impact on the world. I have always had a profound respect for people serving in the military. Seeing military personnel in uniform in my place of work and around town kindled my desire to join. At that juncture in my life, I decided to join the Army and serve my country.”

“I knew that the women who were in the military had to be tough – mentally and physically – and this really inspired me and drove me to train hard before I joined. I wanted to make sure that when I got in, I was prepared to do my team, myself, and my sex justice,” said Vermillion.

Since joining the Army, Vermillion has competed for and completed incredible educational and broadening opportunities. She has completed two master’s degrees, was selected to work with Disney for a year via Training with Industry and served in the Corps. of Engineers for two years. She reflects on her 13 years in the Army and what the Army has provided her.

“I think what the military offered me was an absence of a glass ceiling. If you want to talk about equal opportunity, then the military is it. There is an understanding that if you’re in a job, then you’re expected to do the job to standard and you are going to be held to that standard. I’ve had very tough assignments that have challenged me, shaped me and taught me incredible lessons. These were not easy lessons to learn but I’m a better leader, a more professional person and it has helped me grow on a personal level as well.”