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NEWS | May 24, 2023

Consolidation of Product Offices Marks Historic Transition for Next Generation Weapons Portfolio

By Luke Graziani PEO Soldier

PEO Soldier Project Manager Soldier Lethality (PM SL) marked a significant milestone in the management of its next-generation weapons portfolio with the consolidation of the Product Manager Next Generation Weapons Office and the Product Manager Individual Weapons Office into a single Product Management Office, the name of which will be announced at a later date. The consolidation ceremony, held at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, emphasized the importance of adapting the organizational structure to effectively oversee evolving weapon systems. The consolidation ensures the Army's ability to provide the most capable small arms weapons to its close combat force.

“We generally don’t spend much time thinking about how the organization management structure should change as weapon systems transition across their lifecycles,” said Col. Scott J. Madore, Project Manager, PM SL. “The management structure overseeing those systems should also adapt to ensure we apply the appropriate level of oversight to the different systems.”

During the ceremony, Madore expressed his confidence in incoming Product Manager Lt. Col. Micah Rue as the new leader of the consolidated office. Madore acknowledged the accomplishments under the leadership of outgoing Product Manager, Next Generation Weapons, Lt. Col. Joshua Headley, stating, "Lieutenant Colonel Headley has superbly led the Next Generation Weapons Product Office with keen focus and drive, achieving significant milestones and maintaining support across the entire enterprise."

Headley reflected on the dedication and resilience of the team that has contributed to the success of the product offices. He expressed his confidence in Lt. Col. Rue's ability to lead, emphasizing Rue's strong character, faith, and commitment to the Army values. Headley praised the consolidation, stating, "The merging of talents from both product offices will further enhance the Army's lethality and strengthen our mission to provide cutting-edge weapons to our soldiers."

The consolidation of the Product Manager Next Generation Weapons Office and the Product Manager Individual Weapons Office is a testament to the Army's commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring efficient management of its weapon systems. The ceremony served as a recognition of the achievements under Lt. Col. Headley's leadership and a transition to the capable leadership of Lt. Col. Rue.

"Thank you all for the warm welcome,” said Rue, during his closing remarks. “As the new product manager, my focus is on fielding next-generation squad weapons and enhancing our close combat force. Together, we'll deliver effective small arms for our soldiers and achieve victory on the battlefield."