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NEWS | June 26, 2023

Product Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors Holds Change of Charter Ceremony

By Jason Amadi Army

Product Manager, Soldier Maneuver Sensors (PdM SMS) held a change of charter ceremony at the National Museum of the United States Army on Fort Belvoir, June 22.

Lt. Col. Christian Hasbach assumed leadership as product manager from Lt. Col. Melissa Johnson, accepting responsibility for the total life cycle management of SMS programs. As PdM, Hasbach will be responsible for coordinating with stakeholders to ensure a system-of-systems engineering approach necessary for seamless interoperability across the Army and Joint Enterprises.

PdM SMS is a product management office within the Program Executive Office, Soldier (PEO Soldier) portfolio, with a mission to rapidly deliver integrated sensors that enable the Soldier system to detect and engage first against all threats. The product manager’s portfolio includes the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B), Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS), Night Vision Device-Next (NVD-N), Fused Awareness System (FAS) and Nett Warrior.

Col. Anthony Gibbs, Project Manager Soldier Warrior (PM SWAR), hosted the change of charter ceremony and congratulated Johnson on her efforts and accomplishments over her tenure as PdM SMS.

“Everything in this portfolio is about providing better situational awareness, more informed decision-making and ultimately reduce risk to Soldiers in the fight. That all adds up to an unfair advantage for our formation. The entire SMS team is passionate about making sure our Soldiers never have to face a fight on even terms. That’s in no small part due to Lt. Col. Johnson’s leadership.”

“Everyone I know who has worked with Lt. Col. Johnson says she’s an acquisition expert, a critical thinker, a dedicated and empathetic leader, and a tremendous teammate and team builder. Unsurprisingly, the Army recognized her limitless potential and selected her early for Senior Service College. I look forward to seeing where you continue to advance. Thank you for all that you’ve done, all that you do and everything your SMS team has done to make our Soldiers the most lethal in the world,” said Gibbs.

During Johnson’s two-year tenure as product manager, she also oversaw the Family of Weapons Sights-Individual, Family of Weapons Sights-Crew Served, and Family of Weapons Sights-Sniper before these programs moved over to Product Manager Small Arms Fire Control under Project Manager Soldier Lethality.

Under Johnson’s leadership, SMS successfully fielded more than 4,000 SBS systems, more than 7,500 Family of Weapons Sights-Individual, more than 4,000 ENVG-B systems, and successfully executed NVD-N Soldier Enhance Program Phase 1. She says the dedication of her team was the key driver in all SMS’ accomplishments over her time with PEO Soldier.

“This is an extremely special workforce that truly understands its purpose to deliver world-class night vision and situational awareness sensors to our dismounted Soldiers. Not only did they understand their purpose, but they embodied several of the characteristics that I think are truly invaluable to a high performing workforce. They were exceptional teammates, they exuded extreme professionalism and persistence in everything they did. They were patient in the most difficult times and always maintained a positive attitude. These are truly incredible professionals. Team SMS, you have all made me a better person, a better leader and I learned through your grace and tenacity these last few years. I’m forever indebted to you for all you’ve done for our Soldiers, our Army, and our nation.” said Johnson.

Hasbach has prior experience working in PEO Soldier, having served as Assistant Product Manager for body armor for Project Manager Soldier Survivability and tactical cloud computing for Project Manager Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). He says he’s excited to return and work with the SMS team.

“This is truly a homecoming for me. To the SMS team, I’m incredibly fortunate and honored to be part of your organization. I have so much to learn from all of you and look forward to building our relationship and our team together. Your reputation for the quality of work you do, and your professionalism is incredible. I look forward to getting to know each of you over the next three years,” said Hasbach.