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NEWS | July 7, 2023

Lethal Unmanned Systems Press Release

By Jason Amadi ARMY

Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier assumed responsibility of the Lethal Unmanned Systems directed requirement on May 4, 2023, and initiated the Low Altitude Stalking and Strike Ordnance (LASSO) program under Project Manager Soldier Warrior and Product Manager Soldier Precision Targeting Devices. PEO Soldier is currently using an urgent capability acquisition pathway to rapidly deliver this capability to the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).

In addition, PEO Soldier’s teammates at the Maneuver Capability Development and Integration Directorate (MCDID) at Fort Moore are actively developing the enduring requirement to support a future program of record.

LASSO is a man-portable, tube launched, lethal payload munition, unmanned aerial system. It includes electrical optical /infrared sensor, precision flight control, and the ability to fly, track and engage non-line-of-sight targets and armored vehicles with precision lethal fires. LASSO currently consists of three modules: the launch tube, unmanned aerial system, and fire control station.

“We're really excited to partner with industry and bring this capability to our IBCTs," said Maj. John Dibble, Assistant Product Manager for LASSO. "This anti-tank capability is a key contributor to our efforts to increase the lethality of the Army of 2030's IBCT and maintain overmatch against our near-peer threats."